For better or wors…

For better or wors…

AANIE BRAND: Lekker braai wors

There’s a sausage recipe for any meal — on a grill, in a bun or pot

This week’s sausage recipes are so easy even I, a kitchen novice, can master them.

Sausage is one of my favourite things to buy because it doesn’t require much cooking time.

Besides it’s almost summer and no one wants to use their time slaving away in the kombuis when there’s fun to be had.

When I’m forced to cook anything on a Friday night, I usually opt for sausage.

Add a fried egg, two slices bread and some tomato sauce, and dinner is served!

When I’m really in the mood to cook I may even add some slap chips.

This also makes for a really good Saturday brekfis (breakfast).

My mom on the other hand, glo jy moet iets maak wat ver gaan (believes a meal should be enough to feed many).

So she prefers a brown stew with rice wat die hele familie se kinders kan saam eet (so that she feed the family and then some).

I do like it, but I would not necessarily cook it myself.

Sausage, potatoes and baked beans. Not very fancy, but very tasty and very cheap.

And what’s a braai without a stukkie wors ( sausage)?

It’s always the last thing to go on the fire because it’s so quick to cook.

Sausage has been around for over two 2000 years and remains a firm favourite.

You can make your own – use ground meat, beef or veal, add salt, spices and breadcrumbs, and squeeze into a casing.

Or you can simply go to your nearest shop and buy your ready-made wors like the rest of us.

My one problem with sausage, however, is I can never find the same sausage twice.

Sometimes the sausage gods lead me to a lekker wors (tasty sausage) that doesn’t shrink and dry out at the first touch of heat.

Then the next time I go to the same shop, I either can’t find it or I don’t remember which one I took.

I simply throw it in the pan over some braised onions en ‘n paar olie spatsels (a few minutes) later and you’re done.

I have never really been fussy about the type of sausage I buy, if it smells lekker (nice), tastes lekker (nice) and is not dry, any wors (sausage) will do!

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