Foodtography madness

Foodtography madness

CRAZE: Food photos shared online. CREDIT: Sourced

I had lunch with an old friend recently and ended up having an argument, because she took a picture of her food before tucking in. And then I had to wait for her to post it online before we could eat.

After I quietly stewed and fumed during this photoshoot, I proceeded to give her a piece of my mind. I like to pride myself on the fact that I hang out with smart people, and smart people don’t do stupid things like this.

Besides, nobody really cares about your lunch.

She then told me that there’s actually a whole subculture called “Foodtography.”

Apparently there’s a whole generation of young people who cannot eat a beautifully-arranged plate of food without taking a picture of it first and then sharing it with their friends online.

I pointed out to her that there are only so many ways you can arrange a burger and chips on a plate.

But she was adamant that it would be a digital injustice to simply tuck into a plate of food without capturing it for posterity first. I love photography, but I think I love food a little more to let it model for me first before I devour it.

That just seems wrong to me. What’s next? Are restaurants going to serve your ribs for you on a catwalk? Oh wait, catwalks already have ribs on them!

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