Mense ‘fleeced out of qurbaan animals’



September 23, 2016
Mense ‘fleeced out of qurbaan animals’

CLAIM: Owner Zane Barnes says he is also a victim of a bad deal

Farmer accused of conning people out their money.

A Cape Flats farmer has been accused of swindling Muslim customers out sheep, which was to be slaughtered for last week’s Eid ul Adha festival.

The people claim Schaapkraal farmer Zane Barnes, of Barnes Farm, pulled the wool over their eyes after they paid off the qurbaan animals over three years.

Victim Wagied Bailey, 43, of Lentegeur says he paid R6 000 for a bull, but was left high and dry on labarang last week Monday.

He says they paid the money to Barnes’ agent Mogamat Fuad Gamiet, 54.

But a few days before Eid, Gamiet told him that he couldn’t get the animal because Barnes claimed that Gamiet did not pay him for it.

“We sacrificed years to pay this money,” says Wagied.

“The bull was supposed to be for 24 children in our family and for my wife’s sisters.”

The only proof of payment he has is a pile of receipts from Gamiet.

Gamiet, who called the Daily Voice “to clear his name”, claims Barnes took the money.

“Every time I would meet him, I give him the money but he would not give me a receipt,” claims Gamiet.

“Now the people are threatening to make a case against me. I can’t even sleep at night. I told the people we must protest in front of his farm.”

But Barnes says Gamiet is at fault, and that he has not received a cent from him.

He confirmed he has a lay-bye system, using stamp boekies.


The farmer, who left for the Kalahari on Thursday to buy more sheep, tells Daily Voice: “I have four agents and Fuad is the only one who gives me this kind of trouble.

“I have not seen him in a year and I have not paid him because how can I pay someone who owes me thousands of rands?” says Barnes.

“Last year he was supposed to give me R4 000 and when I came to his home, he said the money disappeared from the kitchen table.”

“I had a customer come to my doorstep asking for his sheep before Eid.

“I saw the stamp book and where there was supposed to be a stamp, there was a signature of Fuad.

“I gave the client the sheep because I have a name to uphold.”

He adds: “If [Gamiet] can just give me the paperwork then I will either give the people a sheep or their money back.”

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