Flats pastor judges gays on show



October 3, 2016
Flats pastor judges gays on show

REV JOU BEK: Oscar Bougardt and Marlow Valentine in heated debate

Rev Oscar Bougardt debates homosexuality on 'Judge For Yourself'.

Outspoken Cape Flats Pastor Oscar Bougardt has ruffled feathers on national TV where he challenged gays and the host to prove that doctors could determine homosexuality at birth.

Bougardt of the Calvary Ministries church in Strandfontein was a guest speaker on Judge For Yourself on eNCA, where he debated with host Judge Dennis Davis and LGBTI activist Marlow Valentine on whether “kill the gays” pastor Steven Anderson should have been allowed in South Africa.

Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in the USA was banned from entering South Africa and was booted from Botswana a few days later over his controversial views on gays.

Bougardt, who flew to Botswana to meet Anderson got into a heated debate with Marlow, stating that homosexuals choose to be gay.

“Do me a favour today and I challenge you (Valentine) and you judge, come with me to Mowbray maternity hospital and we go and ask the doctor which child is born gay and which child is born lesbian. You choose to be gay.

“How do I tell my four-year-old son that it’s right when he sees two men holding hands in the streets… It is stupidity.. I know that is no way in hell (that is right).”

A frustrated Marlow argued that a child’s biological make-up had nothing to do with sexual orientation.

“You see, a child’s biological sex you can’t determine someone’s sexual orientation.”

Jugde Davis put it to Bougardt that “facts” were based on science, to which he replied that as a man of faith, he “didn’t need science”.

Marlow told Bougardt the way he lived was not by choice but how he was born.

“ I don’t choose… I am married and we are not forcing our lives on anyone,” he said.

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