Fish in a tin? Yes you can!

Fish in a tin? Yes you can!

DITE: Canned fish is convenient

Blikkies vis is tasty, healthy, and there’s plenty of recipes in the sea.

I think if you were not forced to eat blikkie vis as a child, you seriously missed out.

We were fed pilchards in tomato, middlecut and when we were lucky, tuna or larney salmon.

Canned fish is as good as fresh fish and has amazing nutrients that can assist mental power and general health.

Chilli tomato fish was the favourite at my house. My mother, God bless her, was the queen at turning a blikkie vis into a proper meal.

She made anything from biryani to quiche or just a simple smoortjie, and it never looked like it came from a can.

But yoh, a person mos knew, but try net om te kla dan kry jy a backhand.

Ek is mos moeg van pilchards, so these days I use tuna or middlecut to make my meals.

It’s simple and easy and there are hundreds of ways to make that blikkie vis work for you.

My kids are not great mayo fans, so pasta and tuna bake are their favourite.

They will have a tuna salad on crackers, but no onions, but mens kan mossie die een sonder die ander een kry nie, lieg man.

I just do whatever makes me happy and if they’re unhappy, eet maar jou Weetbix for supper.

My hubby says canned fish is not a meal for supper, hy soek vars vis of dis tronk kos. Claims a person works too hard to eat mang food. I doubt he has a clue what that is, though.

Enjoy some of these recipes, inspired by mammies and oumas everywhere, I certainly have fun making them.

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