Fighting off Orc invaders |DVD



October 19, 2016
Fighting off Orc invaders |DVD

If adventure  flieks are your thing, then you will really enjoy 3D adventure movie, Warcraft.

The orc shaman, Gul’dan is looking to escape his dying world, so he uses dark magic to open a portal to the human realm of Azeroth.

Supported by the fierce fighter Blackhand, Gul’dan organizes the orc clans into a conquering army called the Horde.

Uniting to protect Azeroth from these hulking invaders are King Llane, the mighty warrior Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel) and the powerful wizard Medivh. As the two races collide, leaders from each side start to question if war is the only answer.

Age restriction 10-12PG V.

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