Family ‘team up to hunt down robbers’



October 10, 2016
Family ‘team up to hunt down robbers’

GOTCHA: One of four suspects who allegedly robbed a Grassy Park family

One of four ‘car thieves’ caught after brazen robbery at Grassy Park businessman’s home.

A gang of skelms were literally stopped in their tracks after robbing a businessman at his home.

The four robbers fled the Grassy Park house with an undisclosed amount of cash on Saturday afternoon.

During their robbery spree, the suspects shot and wounded the victim’s brother and attempted at least two hijackings in their bid to get away.

The community managed to capture one of the suspects while three others made off in a hijacked car.

Tauriq Parker, 28, the owner of a bread distribution company, was closing for the day when his home was hit by the robbers.

He drove after them in Fifth Avenue in the direction of his parents’ house in Schaapkraal Road, Schaapkraal.

His mother Kulsum Parker, 50, says she received a phone call from her frantic son, and quickly informed her husband and younger son, before calling the cops.

Kulsum says in the commotion, they thought the suspects had also kidnapped her two-year-old grandson, Zaeem.

“When the suspects came to Tauriq, his son was standing with him,” she explains.

“One of his drivers, who also witnessed the robbery, noticed the child and grabbed him without my son noticing.

“He took the child to (a neighbour’s house) but Tauriq only realised later his son was gone and called me back to say he thinks they have his son,” she says.

Meanwhile Tauriq’s father, Shafiek Parker, 49, waited for the robbers outside his home.

He says: “I realised Tauriq didn’t give a description of the car but then I noticed a car coming from Fifth Avenue overtaking some other cars as it came towards me.

“I knew this had to be them so I pretended to pick up a brick and throw it so they could stop.

“As they came towards us, I heard gunshots and they shot my younger son, Junaid, in the leg.

“The driver lost control of the car and they spun twice before they crashed into a wall further down.”

Shafiek says he followed the three suspects on foot after they crashed a silver Mercedes-Benz, but they ran off, and he saw them hijacking a driver.

“As they ran down the road, they tried to stop a motorist but his car was stuck in the sand and they could not get it out. Then they went (further) and gun pointed another man who was standing outside and took his car,” he adds.

Three of the skelms took off in the driver’s VW Citi Golf.

But Shafiek says one of the suspects, who was injured in the crash, hid in long grass but was captured and moered by residents.

Captain FC van Wyk says no arrests were made and the three suspects are still at large.

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