Family rescued from fire



October 13, 2016
Family rescued from fire

SCENE: House in Hawston

Neighbours rally together to save young family from burning house.

Residents of Hawston stood together yesterday to help save a family from their burning home.

Randy Wilkinson, 27, says if it weren’t for her neighbours “things could have been much worse”.

Randy, her sister, their boyfriends and kids were all sleeping when the fire broke out early yesterday morning.

“By the time we woke up, a lot of neighbours had already come to help extinguish the fire,” says Randy.

A neighbour, who only identified himself as Pork, says they had to break down a door and windows to get inside.

“Some people used buckets and a hosepipe to bring the fire under control while others helped to get them out of the house and save their possessions,” says Pork.

Jamiel Johnson, 23, ran through the flames to save the five-month pregnant Randy who couldn’t escape through the window.

But Jamiel says he only did what anyone would do.

“I ran through the flames with a wet top over my face because I thought of her being in danger,” says Jamiel.

Randy and her three-year-old son Jordy and two-month-old niece were rushed to hospital where they were treated for smoke inhalation.

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