Facebook rant at Indians



November 3, 2016
Facebook rant at Indians

SORRY: Dawie Kriel for 'racist' Facebook post

Durban man in trouble for sharing scathing post about Diwali celebrations.

There’s a new Penny Sparrow in town, a Durban resident who’s made racist remarks on Facebook and could be taken to court.

In January Sparrow – a former estate agent – called black people on the beach “monkeys” and now another Durban resident has angered the Indian community with his comments.

Dawie Kriel, a resident from Bluff, wrote on Facebook about Diwali celebrations and said: “To those idol worshippers and devil disciples who buy them in the name of religion, * **s-off to your dark hole in the backwoods of India you d**khead.”

Democratic Alliance Chairman Haniff Hoosen says the party is going to lay crimen injuria charges against Kriel.

Hoosen says: “The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal strongly condemns the racist comments by Mr Dawie Kriel on Facebook, where he attacked the Hindu Community during Diwali celebrations.”

East Coast Radio reported that Kriel said he had withdrawn the post very soon afterwards and apologised, but by that stage it was too late.

He said he had been working with pets that had been affected by the bangs all night.

“I was so emotional when I made that post. I deleted it really soon after that. It was too late, as usual,” he told the station in an interview.

“So ja, you know I totally agree. I know, I can understand the pain and anger just as long as they can understand my pain and anger when I worked with all these animals.”

ANC spokesman Mdumiseni Ntuli said in a statement that the party’s provincial secretary Super Zuma would open cases “against several individuals” with the police as well as the Equality Court.

He did not specify which individuals.

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