Facebook face off



May 27, 2016
Facebook face off

NAME AND SHAME: June Major took to Facebook to vent anger.

Gatvol priest outs ‘attempted rapist’ on social network.

A female reverend who claimed she was nearly raped by a fellow reverend, posted her alleged attacker’s picture on Facebook.

Reverend June Dolley-Major, a priest in the Anglican Church, made the bold move on Wednesday, saying she was tired of being ridiculed for not being the “right kind of rape victim” on Facebook.

Along with posting the photo, she wrote: “The priest who tried to rape me is [name mentioned]. I urge women to please speak out. Stop being silenced, please.”

Her alleged attacker may not be indentified as he has not been charged.

The rev hit the spotlight three weeks ago when she went on a hunger strike to expose alleged unfair treatment against her by her Bishop, Garth Counsell.

She alleges Counsell cost her a kwaai job in Australia after he “badmouthed” her to the bishop there.

June says she told Counsell about nearly being raped, and wanted to take the job overseas as she needed a break from her troubles.

But she says in a reference letter to her new employer, he called her a trouble-maker, and they withdrew their offer of employment.

Counsell then refused to see her, and she decided to stage a hunger strike outside his office at the Zonnebloem Primary School in Woodstock.

June broke her fast on day seven, after church leaders agreed to meet with her.

This meeting never materialised, and she then hosted a press conference, where she identified her alleged attacker.

Meanwhile, the reverend became a victim of cyber bullying when a woman named Salma Hayat slammed her for “inviting rape” by the way she dressed.

On Wednesday, June says she became gatvol of being demonised when she is the victim.

She wrote on her Facebook page: “I have kept my attempted rapist’s name off social media. Rev. Joshua mentioned his name on Sunday at St. George’s, Silvertown. A police officer also leaked his name long before my press conference.

“So it is no longer a secret who he is, so I will now post it myself. My docket is lost, he continues to minister and I am silenced and treated like a leper. I am not being vindictive in any way. His name and picture is already out there. Rapists belong in prison and not behind a pulpit preaching on Sundays.”

The Daily Voice contacted the accused reverend, who said: “No, I did not see the post, but I have been told about it and I have no comment.”

His Facebook profile has since been deactivated.

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