Ex-Miss SA hunts down skelm



October 3, 2016
Ex-Miss SA hunts down skelm

TOUGH: Cindy Nell-Roberts got her laptop back

Cindy Nell-Roberts chased after a thief who broke into her car with rollers in her hair.

Refusing to become just another victim of crime, former Miss South Africa Cindy Nell-Roberts rolled up her sleeves and chased down a robber herself.

And she didn’t even care if mense saw her in her rollers and half-done nails running down the street.

The 2003 Miss SA was getting her nails and hair done when she saw someone break into her car.

In a Facebook post last week, Cindy, 35, explains she was at a salon in Sea Point and could see her car through the window, parked across from the salon.

“I see an old very big African lady walk close to my car discreetly looking inside,” she explains.

She thought it was “odd”.

Ten minutes later, a “medium built thin twenty-something well-dressed African man” with a remote in his hand walks up to her car.

He bent down as if to pick up something, but instead opened her car door, took out her laptop bag and walked off with it on his back.

Cindy writes: “And I forgot I can run that fast, but with curlers in my hair and half a pedi I chased him half a block grabbed my laptop bag off his back and even managed to hit him on the head.”

The skelm got away but Cindy commented: “You should have seen his face, he couldn’t believe it! He actually froze he was so shocked!”

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