Evictees sue for short-term flats



September 21, 2016
Evictees sue for short-term flats

PROTEST ACTION: Bromwell Street residents

The 24 Bromwell Street families are set to be thrown out next week Monday

In an attempt to avoid their imminent eviction, Bromwell Street’s residents are now suing the City of Cape Town for failing to provide them with alternative accommodation.

The 24 families are set to be thrown out next week Monday, by new owners The Woodstock Hub, who wants to throw down the block of semis to erect a 
larney block of flats.

The Ndifuna Ukwazi Law Centre, representing the families, brought an urgent application before the Western Cape High Court on Monday to compel the City to provide them with temporary alternative accommodation before next week.

Mayor Patricia de Lille met tenants two weeks ago but said as it was a private matter, she could not assist them, and urged tenants instead to apply for social housing.

Spokesperson for Ndifuna Ukwazi, Daneel Knoetze, said the City had a legal obligation to assist the families with temporary housing, as near as possible to the homes from which they are evicted.

“Yesterday our attorneys requested that the eviction be stayed, until the court has ruled on the City’s obligation to provide the residents with temporary accommodation. The urgent application is likely to be heard on Friday,” he says.

“We will ask the court to confirm the City’s obligation and to direct the City to provide our clients with temporary alternative accommodation within three months,” said Knoetze.

De Lille’s spokesperson, Pierrinne Leukes, responded: “It is their democratic right 
to take the City to court. We will accordingly oppose the matter.”

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