Eskom’s enemies



September 21, 2016
Eskom’s enemies

YOUNG INVENTORS: Thamsanqa Hoza and Bokamasa Molale

Grade 12 learners invent shower gadget that could give the energy giant a run for its money.

These two matric pioneers could soon be rivalling energy giant, Eskom, with their Hot Nozzle invention which electrically heats up cold water.

Like most inventions, this one was also born out of need.

As juniors at the Lawhill Maritime Centre, Thamsanqa Hoza, 17, and Bokamoso (BK) Molale, 18, were always last to arrive at the shower.

The two had enough of cold showers, and one night after lights out, they came up with the idea of the battery-operated device.

Saving both water and electricity, the Hot Nozzle takes just five minutes to heat up cold water and can be attached to a showerhead.

Encouraged to enter the Hip2B2 SM Innovation Challenge in 2014, the friends, who are both from Welkom, walked away with second prize.

Though the concept exists elsewhere on the global market, the brainy boys’ Hot Nozzle is a world first in that it is portable.

“There are systems which heat water, working as a geyser. Ours, which is currently in its prototype stage, is distinct for its portability”, says BK, who is head boy of Simons Town school.

He adds: “Hostels, boarding houses, varsity campuses, gyms, mines, camping sites, homes with extended families and RDP houses could all benefit.”

Thus far they’ve been unable to attract an investors for their product.

“It’s very hard to get funding if you’re under age. They don’t take you seriously,” says BK.

The pair were selected this year in The Top 10 Young Innovators in Africa under 26 by the Swiss-based African Innovation Foundation.

They also own a business together, H N Innovate, with the aptly named slogan: “Perceive. Think. Exploit.”

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