‘England are a joke’



October 6, 2016
‘England are a joke’

AN EMBARRASSMENT: Disgraced Sam Allardyce

Poms is facing scrutiny after continuous coach challenges.

England defender Danny Rose believes that the world is laughing at them after Sam Allardyce’s disgraceful exit.

The Tottenham leftback agrees with former Three Lions captain Alan Shearer, who said that the Poms were now a laughing stock after they lost a second coach in three months.

Roy Hodgson left in the wake of their embarrassing Euro 2016 knockout by Iceland.

And then Allardyce lost his job in disgrace having held the post only 67 days.

He tells the UK press: “I saw Alan Shearer say English football has become a laughing stock and it’s hard to say but I agree a bit.

“With a manager losing his job after one game, it’s not good in any sense and whatever stance the FA take after the four games [interim boss Gareth Southgate will initially be in charge for].

“I hope the next England manager will be one for the long term and help us to improve in tournaments.”

Now ahead of England’s World Cup qualifiers over the next week under interim boss Gareth Southgate, Rose says the players have to wikkel.

The 26-year-old says: “When Roy lost his job, we were all there together. We saw Roy’s face at the time.

“It wasn’t a nice experience and it made us feel guilty, as we should have been because we didn’t beat Iceland.

“There’s only so much stick a manager can take and there has to be a point where the players look at themselves and say, ‘It’s not good enough’.”

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