Drivers go on strike



September 21, 2016
Drivers go on strike

SCENE: Bellville taxi rank. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Gatvol taxi drivers refuse to work until the get protection from their bosses.

Bellville taxi rank came to a near standstill yesterday when drivers decided their lives are more important than meeting targets.

Taxi drivers and gaatjies left commuters stranded, but said people will understand when they realise why they did it.

The drivers say they’ve had enough of being robbed, beaten and harassed by gangsters.

“These skollies don’t care, they rob us everyday. Many times they rob the passengers too. We will not be driving until our taxi owners can provide some protection for us. Passengers even think we are with robbers because they greet us,” an angry driver said.

The drivers are also upset as they would have to come up with the stolen money to meet their daily target.

“Taxi owners don’t care about us, they just want their target of R1 200 a day, no matter if we were robbed. And if we don’t agree they just replace us like we’re nothing. We hardly get over R100 a day so how do we make a target if we are robbed every time?” driver Irvin Christians says.

The drivers had a meeting with their bosses and police to express their grievances.

Mr C Aploon, Vice Chairman of the Bellville Owners Taxi Association (BOTA) did not refute the drivers’ claims, but urged everyone to work together to find a solution.

He said Bota would be meeting with taxi owners soon to discuss their issues.

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