Double murder at Flats shop



November 1, 2016
Double murder at Flats shop

SCENE: Tuck shop in Spreeu Street in Rocklands. CREDIT: Leon Knipe

Two of the three victims succumbed to their injuries.

A recovering drug addict was one of two people shot dead outside his Mitchells Plain home just two days after coming out of rehab.

Ralston Segal, 21, was on his way to a tuck shop in Spreeu Street, Rocklands, when he and another man were shot and killed on Sunday night.

A third female victim was shot and wounded in her legs.

It is unclear who the gunmen were after and what the motive for the shooting was.

Captain Frederick van Wyk says police are investigating a case of double murder and attempted murder.

“Circumstances surrounding a shooting incident at about 8.50pm whereby two men were fatally injured and a woman (injured) are under investigation.

“A double murder and an attempted murder case was registered for further investigation,” he says.

Ralston’s mother Janet Segals says this was her son’s first weekend home in two months.

“On Friday I was hesitant to fetch him, but then I decided to go,” she tells the Daily Voice.

“I was on my way to the shop on Sunday then he told me he would go instead and minutes after he left the house, we heard the gunshots. He never made it to the shop, when I ran out he was already dead,” she cries.

Janet says her son was not a gangster and could not say who the intended victim was.

“He gave his heart to the Lord while he was in rehab,” says the grieving mother.

“I am glad the Lord saved his soul. On Sunday he sang (gospel choruses) all day, so his soul knew it was his time.”

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