Double life sentence for rapist, killer



November 4, 2016
Double life sentence for rapist, killer

Convicted killer and rapist Bradley Noble

Judge: He was merciless and had no regard for her right to dignity.

Convicted murderer and rapist Bradley Noble, 36, was handed a double life sentence in the Western Cape High Court on Friday for the rape and murder of Michaela Adriaanse.

Last year March, 16-year-old Michaela and her friends had bunked school and went to Kalk Bay beach where they smoked dagga and drank whiskey.

There, they met Noble, who introduced himself as a drug mert from Retreat.

Later that day, Michaela had a fight with one of her friends over a pair of sunglasses and stormed off to join a group of men from Manenberg.

During the trial, her friends testified that Noble had said he would bring Michaela back and that he followed her, and that was the last time they saw her.

When questioned by police, Noble denied being at the beach, until he saw one of the schoolgirls he had been with that day.

He also denied knowing where Michaela was, and even helped police in the search for her.

Michaela was found dead on March 22 last year in a bushy area in Kalk Bay, three days after she was reported missing.

Noble was accused of smashing a rock against the teen’s head after raping her. DNA results matched the accused to the victim and he was found guilty of her rape and murder on November 1.

During sentencing, Judge Yolanda Renqe said Noble was “merciless and had no regard for (Michaela’s) right to dignity”.

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