Dom Devils



May 17, 2016
Dom Devils

EVACUATED: Old Trafford stands. CREDIT: Sourced

United planted bomb in drill and forgot about it.

Manchester United only have themselves to blame for the bomb scare that ruined their final day of the Premier League season.

And it’s going to cost them a moerse £3m – the price of two Eric Cantonas, who cost Alex Ferguson £1.2m in 1992.

The suspect package found in an Old Trafford toilet that caused the match against Bournemouth to be abandoned on Sunday was actually a training device they didn’t collect after a drill.

Now United have decided to let their frustrated fans in for free for the rescheduled match tonight (9pm).

Man United is yet to say sorry 24 hours after 76 000 fans were ordered to leave Old Trafford when an “incredibly lifelike explosive device” was found wired to pipes in a toilet just 20 minutes before kickoff.

The terror alert is set to cost United £3million as club sources admitted the “idiot” who left the fake bomb behind “is in for a right kicking”.

Fans were left in tears and even abandoned their bags and coats in the rush to leave the ground fearing their lives might be at risk.

Police confirmed that |the “bomb” was left at the stadium in error in the days leading up to the game, apparently after an security exercise.

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