Do you know Latu?



October 9, 2016
Do you know Latu?

HELP: Latu was found in Olieboom Rd, Ottery

Victoria Hospital needs your help locating the family of an unidentified man.

A hospital needs your help to find the family of this man who is suffering from epileptic fits.

The unidentified man was admitted to Victoria Hospital on October 3 when he arrived with an ambulance.

Paramedics found the man, who looked to be in his mid-forties, in Olieboom Road, Ottery, after he suffered epileptic fits.

He is now unable to provide staff with his name or address.

He only identifies himself as “Latu”.

If you recognise Latu please contact the sister in charge of the Emergency Ward at Victoria Hospital at any time on 021 799 1153 or 021 799 1109. Or social workers during working hours only on 021 799 1160/11.

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