District Six revival

District Six revival

PERFORMER: Carlo Daniels, 25, from Eastridge. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Eastridge star rejoins the cast of 'District 6: Kanala'.

Singer and actor Carlo Daniels says he’s enjoying the spotlight on stage and has bigger plans for the future.

The 25-year-old from Eastridge, Mitchells Plain, has rejoined the cast of District 6: Kanala, where he tackles a variety of roles in the David Kramer-Taliep Petersen musical, which has been revived to mark 50 years since the forced removals of 1966.

Carlo says: “What makes it more special is that I’m working with David Kramer again, I’ve come a long way with him since Kat & the Kings.”

“And like with Kat & the Kings, when you’re in rehearsal it’s like you can feel the spirit of the late Taliep Petersen,” he adds.

Carlo says when District 6: Kanala first hit The Fugard stage in February this year, he was surprised by the massive support they received. “It did surprise me, I really didn’t expect it to go so well,” he says.

“We were sold out every night and there was still more people who wanted to get tickets.”

Carlo says after the shows mense wanted to chat about their District Six memories because the show took them back to days gone by.

Working so closely with theatre legend David Kramer has inspired Carlo and he’s making the most of the mentorship.

“I have a first draft of a script that I wrote and I have run some ideas past David,” he reveals.

District 6: Kanala is on at the Fugard from tomorrow until 31 January.

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