Disabled man raped in outhouse



October 14, 2016
Disabled man raped in outhouse

SCENE: Attack at a hokkie in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant man snatched from street before being assaulted by a suspected 'troublemaker' teen.

Cops are looking for a vuilgat who raped a mentally disabled man.

The unknown attacker grabbed the 29-year-old disabled man from the street and dragged him to a dilapidated building at the edge of the sports grounds in Mount Pleasant.

The victim’s sister says workers at the home for the frail and elderly across the street noticed what was happening and rushed to the victim’s aid.

But when they arrived at the hokkie, they found him deurmekaar and with his pants down.

“Although he is mentally disabled, he told them what the man did and described his attacker,” says his sister.

The attacker fled the scene.

She says doctors confirmed her brother’s anus had been penetrated.

“We took him to the hospital where the doctors did some tests and gave him medication,” says the sister, 40.

She adds that the suspect is a teenager who is a known troublemaker in the community.

And since the attack, her brother has suffered an epileptic attack again after a long time.

“He is scared of walking around outside. I struggle to sleep since it happened and I’m scared because that vark is still walking around outside,” says the woman.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says police attended to the complaint in Angelier Street, Mount Pleasant, on Monday morning.

“A 29-year-old man was allegedly raped. No one has been arrested as yet,” she adds.

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