Dirty soap opera



May 12, 2016
Dirty soap opera

Former Generations stars breaks silence about racism on set. CREDIT: Sourced

Actress tells of racism on TV show set

A well-known and respected actress has sparked a race debate on Twitter, after tweeting about alleged incidents of racism on set.

“Racism is out here dancing on our set,” former Generations star Florence Masebe tweeted on Tuesday.

The actress is currently working on Mzansi Magic’s new drama series, Ring of Lies.

But apparently, she and fellow actress Dineo Nchabeleng are tired of living a lie, and decided to out “white racists” on the set.

“Shall I tweet about the horrible incident that we’ve just experienced on set?” read Florence’s first tweet.

“‘I can speak to you anyway I like because I’m white’ This is what a crew member just said to our director who is a black man.”

Nchabeleng backed her up, saying: “We have been dealing with this bs since beginning of shoot. We will not continue to work until it is sorted” and that “this is the 2nd incident we’ve had on the set of Ring of Lies today and still we are meant to continue working!? What is happening?!”

It’s also alleged that during the quarrel, hot tea was thrown onto a crew member’s face.

M-Net is now investigating their claims, while the female crew member who allegedly made the remarks tweeted: “@FloMasebe this is an incorrect quote and tantamount to character defamation.”

The woman added: “@YoBoiLuse @FloMasebe @Mzansimagic. I said this to the director: ‘You don’t understand my tone, maybe because I am white…’”

In response, Masebe tweeted that she ‘stood by her tweets’.

It’s believed the crew member has been removed from the set pending an investigation.

Angered viewers took to Twitter to express their views on the matter.

In March, another TV scandal rocked the airwaves when actress Mbali Mlotshwa claimed alleged racism on the set of the SABC’s 7de Laan soapie.

Mbali said “racial slurs happened on set with people I thought were educated and open-minded”.

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