Dirty dancer is a big hit

Dirty dancer is a big hit

SEXY: JRs X-rated 4Four music video causing a stir online

Booty babe steals show in JR’s track.

JR knows how to Make The Circle Beeger — and this time he’s doing it with a kaal model.

The South African rapper and producer has dropped his music video for his new song 4Four and fans are getting an eyeful to say the least.

A few seconds into the X-rated music video you can see topless model Amanda Swartbooi, dressed in nothing but a G-string.

Later the dancer shakes her (very curvy) booty and there is a close-up of her wobbly bum.

JR sits with a video game controller in hand, in a haze of smoke while Amanda is behind him shaking her booty.

POPULAR: Amanda Swartbooi

And just like he probably intended, JR’s X-rated video, and hot model, got mense rekking their bekke.

@TheBrandonLive said: “#4FourVideo @JRafrika did say this was his most risky project! But who’s that hunnie on the first scene doe!”

JR himself tweeted: “So many guys ask me about the mami in the 4Four video. Her name is Amanda follow her on IG @amandaswartbooi. Best in the game if * ask me.”

Amanda is no stranger to social media, and loves posting bikini selfies on Cape Town’s beaches.

She has not commented on the 4Four vid, but five weeks ago she posted a behind-the-scenes pic, although she didn’t add a caption.

More conservative fans can rest easy, the sizzling video is only available online, and a more family-friendly video is being shot for TV.

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