Dhlomo has hand fulls with Mabuza



September 14, 2016
Dhlomo has hand fulls with Mabuza

SECRET'S OUT: Ayanda tunes Dhlomo in 'Uzalo'

While Amos is trying to get Sibahle to go back to Joburg, she is standing up to him… but he’s not smaaking the idea of disappearing (Uzalo, SABC1 at 8.30pm).

Poor Dhlomo has just heard from Ayanda why Sibahle has gone, and now he has his hands full with more trouble when Mabuza rocks up again.

Mabuza is born again and ready to help the Xulus, but Dhlomo is dik suspicious about how he got out of the mang so quickly.

And speaking of religion, Pastor Nkosi’s is at it again with his theatrics, intent on getting his 15 minutes of fame.

Jy wil mos, né Lucy (Generations – The Legacy, SABC1 at 8pm) — last week you had a dik smile on your face from having so much power. And all you wanted was more.

Now you have to go to Jack for help. Shame, this girl is not happy about asking for help.

Does anybody watch Two and a Half Men (SABC3 at 9pm)? This show is so popular in America… at least it’s better to look at Ashton Kutcher than at Charlie Sheen.

In tonight’s episode, Walden is approached by a sexy girl he once fired to help launch a project. But as we know Walden, jaag jy stront aan and the tables are turned when this time he is the one getting fired.

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