Dewani ‘escort’ commits suicide



November 10, 2016
Dewani ‘escort’ commits suicide

HANGED: Leisser

Foul play has been ruled out.

Theprostitute specialising in kinky sex, who testified in the trial of British businessman Shrien Dewani, has killed himself.

Leopold Leisser who sold his services as a male escort under the name “The German
Master” was 45 when he committed suicide by hanging himself.

The inquest heard that he was extremely stressed by the Dewani trial and that the publicity had lost him clients forcing him to close down his website.

His body was found by a friend at his flat in Birmingham on September 13, but an inquest has now ruled his death to be suicide and not murder.

Leisser specialised in sadomasochism and role play.

Anni Hindocha was killed on her honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010. Her husband Shrien was acquitted of involvement after the court ruled the testimony of the other accused was unreliable. Three other men were jailed.

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