Devils failing Pog and Ibra

Devils failing Pog and Ibra

ANOTHER SETBACK: United draw a blank

Despite all the 'defeats' at Old Trafford, Zlatan and Pogba were in top form on Saturday.

Of course I was smiling from ear to ear when Burnley got a point from Manchester United on Saturday.

It really is going a bit pear-shaped at Old Trafford, but of course, on another day, that could have been 4 or 5 nil to the Red Devils.

Burnley restricted the “golden opportunities” and Zlatan fluffed a chance from two yards, but United were easily good enough to deserve the points.

How frustrating must that be for y’all, 37 shots at goal?

Pulling on the positives, I must say, Zlatan and Pogba were top class on the day, the best they’ve been in red shirts and if they can start giving performances like that week-in- week-out, United might prove to be a different proposition. You know, the one everyone thought they would be following the big pre-season signings.

I’ve been critical of the pair over the last number of weeks, but what I saw on Saturday was something completely different.

It was as if the two of them decided to step up and take control.

Amazing link play between them, as if they were alone, and they were, eight red shirts unable to keep up with the flash of mind, world-class movement and incredible skill.

So all those w****s who support United and were criticising Zlatan after the match for not scoring.

Yeah, he didn’t hit the target but be thankful that the super Swede is at last showing what he’s capable of.

I was also glad to see the Roon wheeled on.

As much as I don’t like his club, as a player I think he deserves better treatment.

When he came on he took charge of the middle of the park, quietly knocking out the sensible passes, but did he enhance what United were doing already?

Naaah, don’t think so. He’s not the dynamic game changer he used to be, but as solid as always. I think he’s a great footballer, technical perfection and reads the game so well.

Anyway, hard luck, the pressures right back on you Jose!

There was plenty of good football this weekend, City, Liverpool and Arsenal purring along in top gear, while Spurs huffed and puffed for 90 minutes to dig out a point.

Sunday evening was of course particularly pleasing as the Blues made a very good Southampton side look very average.

That’s the Saints’ first Prem loss in eight games in front of a packed St Mary’s, big result.

It’s amazing how a switch of system can turn everything around.

There’s no doubt Chelsea are definite top-four contenders!

Loving the way it’s all looking right now, the quality and excitement hasn’t been this good for a couple of seasons – barring Leicester’s title run.

Couple of great fixtures this weekend, Everton travel to the Bridge on Saturday, then a huge test for wannabee North London rivals on Sunday as the Gooners host Tottenham at the Emirates.

Aaaaaah, life is good (unless you support United).

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