Delft has 1 cop per 700 people



September 5, 2016
Delft has 1 cop per 700 people

TASK: JP Smith assesses the situation

City's mayco member for safety and security visits gang-infested community.

In Delft, where 31 people were murdered in one month, there is only one police officer per 700 people, according to the City of Cape Town’s mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith.

The national average police to population ratio is 1:358.

On Friday, Smith did a walkabout in Delft, saying “cleaning up the city has now become his job”.

Smith said currently, there were 22 000 police officers and just over 520 Metro Police officers deployed in the Western Cape.

The purpose of Friday’s visit was to familiarise residents with ward councillors and community workers in Delft, where a gang war between the Terrible Josters, 26s and 27s have left 31 people dead.

“The Metro Police and Law Enforcement have redeployed staff from Manenberg and Hanover Park to Delft since two weeks ago and they have been doing autonomous and joint operations with SAPS,” says Smith.

“This is something the police should be doing because we are sitting with plus minus 500 metro police officers.

“This should be their strategy. In the absence of this not happening, we will be doing it.”

Smith’s visit comes a day after a public meeting was held at The Hague Recreational Hall between police, 
government and residents.

Community Safety MEC Dan Plato has called on parents to help the police in Delft.

“When you have 22 000 police members in the province and still it isn’t enough, then you do have a problem,” he says.

“I believe the only way we can get this right is to get more people involved because it is unrealistic that there can be a police officer stationed at every house.

“Parents are aware of where the guns and drugs are being stored, how do you police that in Delft?”

He said he and his team would meet with local leaders and cops in the Delft South Community hall again tonight.

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