Death threat on my bedroom wall

Death threat on my bedroom wall

SCARED: Graham Abrahams, 37 CREDIT: Patrick Louw /Daily Voice

Tenant is called a ‘h*tno*t’ as he is forced out by landlady

This man claims his landlady called him a “h*tn*t” after he took too long to vacate his flat.

Graham Abrahams, 37, got home from work last week to find the words “H*tn*t ons gaan jou vrek maak” written on his bedroom wall.

While the mechanic is adamant it was his landlady who wrote the message, the woman tells the Daily Voice she was not even aware of it.

Police are investigating a case of crimen injuria and also one of theft against the woman after Graham claimed she broke into the Parow flat and moved his belongings, during which R37 000 in cash went missing, while he was at work.

He is now locked out of the flat and staying with friends, but his belongings are still in the garage, which he can’t get into.

The owner, who asked not to be identified, appeared shocked by the allegations yesterday.

“The police told me about some writings and something about h*tn*t but I didn’t know what they were talking about, so I didn’t even ask,” she says.

“On which wall was this written? I would never call him a h*tn*t, I hate racism,” she adds.

She also said Graham’s father-in-law is the legal tenant of the flat in Talanahof, Wrench Road, and not him.

THREATENED: The message on Graham’s bedroom hall. CREDIT: Patrick Louw /Daily Voice

According to the landlady, Graham’s lease expired and he was supposed to move out by the end of August because she’s selling the flat.

They agreed he could stay on until he finds alternative accommodation.

She did not want to comment further, saying she needs to speak to police first.

Meanwhile, Graham claims she called him a h*tn*t three weeks ago.

“She came into the house one Saturday and I told her I was still looking for a place and she has no right to just walk into [the flat]. She told me she wants me out by the end of the day.

“As she walked out, she shouted ‘jou h*tn*t’,” he says.

Graham says he found the writing on the wall when he came home from work on Wednesday.

“I came here and the doors were locked,” he says.

“When I looked through the window I saw that my stuff was gone and I thought someone broke in.

“After I went to the police station, I came back and broke the locks on the door and the garage.

“I went into the garage to get a mattress and when I came back into the room, I switched on the light and I saw this writing.

“I was afraid to sleep in the house alone, so I fetched one of my mother’s Jack Russell’s and kept it in the house.”

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says: “A case of crimen injuria [and] theft was opened for investigation.

“No one arrested as yet in both cases,” she says.

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