Death fall from train

Death fall from train

Jeremy Marais, 32, father found his lifeless body wrapped around a lamppost. CREDIT: Solly Lottering and Supplied

Man 'held doors open' in a crammed carriage.

A man died after he apparently fell out of a jam-packed train yesterday.

Jeremy Marais, 32, from Scottsville in Kraaifontein, was heading to work in Retreat when he fell out of a moving carriage between Eikefontein and Brackenfell stations.

His body was wrapped around a lamppost.

He was travelling with his cousin Desiree Coetzee who only discovered he was gone when she arrived at the Brackenfell station.

Desiree’s dad, Desmond Coetzee, says: “I was on my way to work when my daughter called to say she can’t find Jeremy. I last saw him yesterday as they walked off towards the station. I did not realise it would be the last time I would see him alive.”

Desiree told him she was standing behind Jeremy in the carriage, which was “so squashed that the train doors wouldn’t close”.

Desmond says: “I travelled to Brackenfell station to look for him. I asked at the ticket booth about people falling out of the train, but they knew nothing.

“I then decided to go and look for him on the tracks. A security officer joined me in the search. I started running and when I took a turn, I just stopped, unsure, but there Jeremy was lying, dead, his head near to an iron rod,” says Desmond.

Jeremy’s wife, Samantha Marais, was too distressed to speak.

Willem Marais, 55, blamed Jeremy’s death on Metrorail.

“The railway will have to make a plan to improve on their services. People are stuffed into carriages and then the doors can’t even close,” says Marais.

But Zino Mihi, corporate affairs manager for Prasa, says according to their reports, Jeremy was holding the train doors open.

“According to our control centre reports, the male was standing and keeping the train doors open. He therefore fell on the railway tracks between Eikefontein and Brackenfell stations. He is alleged to have died on the scene.

“An ambulance was called but he was certified dead on the scene. An investigation by both the Rapid Rail Police Unit and our Protection Services Investigations team is underway.”

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