Deaf man hit by train



October 21, 2016
Deaf man hit by train

GONE: Clinton Rademeyer at Bonteheuwel station. CREDIT: Leon Knipe

A man who was allegedly smoking on train tracks died when he was run over at Bonteheuwel station

A morning skyf shared by a deaf man and his mentally disabled friend turned deadly after the former was hit by a train.

While some Bonteheuwel residents speculate Clinton Rademeyer was pushed in front of the train by his friend, his family believe his death was a terrible accident.

It’s believed Clinton and his tjommie were smoking on the train tracks near Bonteheuwel Station yesterday morning when Clinton was hit by a train around 7.30am.

Eyewitnesses say his friend, whose identity is unknown, had to flee because people thought he killed his tjommie and wanted to attack him.

But Clinton’s girlfriend, Sarah Booysen, 51, says she believes it was an accident.

“I don’t know how it happened but I don’t think he was pushed,” she says.

“He left the house after 6am and said he was going to look for a job.

“Then someone came to call us at home and said he was hit by a train.

“The friend who was with him has a mental disability, we don’t know where he is right now.”

Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott confirmed the incident, and says the line reopened just before 8.30am.

Police are investigating the matter.

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