Deadly driveby



October 6, 2016
Deadly driveby

KILLLED: Erwin Human, 32

Gunmen ambush dad of two and friend.

A Cape Flats dad has been murdered and his female friend wounded in a driveby attack while they were walking to a tuck shop.

Family friends claim the gunmen were targeting another person when they shot Erwin Human, 32, in the head in Kelly Ho Street, Westridge, Mitchells Plain, on Tuesday just after 7am.

Erwin was running an errand for a friend and was sucking on a lollipop when he was shot through the head.

Police say the lollipop was still in his mouth when they arrived at the scene.

He and his friend Jenay Rogebar, 24, were attacked by gunmen in a car.

Jenay was shot in both legs as she ran for her life.

Erwin’s friend, 18, who witnessed the shooting and doesn’t want to be identified, says: “A lady sent him to the shop. This car stopped in the street and one guy got out and shot at them.

“Erwin was shot in the head and as Jenay ran away they shot her in the legs.

“Erwin wasn’t a gangster and he has two young children. They mistook him for someone else.”

Jenay’s relatives refused to comment saying they fear for their lives.

SCENE: Gunmen targeted Erwin and Jenay Rogebar, 24

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says the shooting is gang-related.

“The shooting is rivalry between gangs the Americans and School Boys gang,” he says.

“He was shot in the head and the woman gunshot wounds to both legs.

“No arrests have been made.”

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