‘De Lille stalls on tik slur’



September 19, 2016
‘De Lille stalls on tik slur’

GATVOL: Rosco Jacobs

Mayor accused of delaying case by not given lawyers clear instruction on how to deal with the case.

Roscoe Jacobs, the man suing Patricia de Lille for R1 million for allegedly calling him a “confused tikkop” is kwaad because the mayor has been “too busy” to file her answering affidavits in the Equality Court.

De Lille’s lawyers have asked for an extension because she has not yet given them instruction on how to proceed with the matter.

Attorney John Riley filed an application to extend the deadline to October 14, stating he will only be able to receive proper instruction by the end of September.

In court documents, Riley said: “We refer to previous documents and advise that due to our client’s extremely busy schedule as Mayor she will only be able to provide us with proper instructions by the end of September 2016.”

But Jacobs says De Lille is “not above the law” and must stand her man.

Jacobs says: “The delay tactics of De Lille shows her double standards. She was quick to shout [President Jacob] Zuma must get his day in court but now she is denying me the right to justice.”

Jacobs says he has asked the Equality Court to deny the request for an extension.

Jacobs claim De Lille called him a tikkop on June 7 when he attended a public DA meeting in Parkwood, to which he says the community invited him to.

De Lille did not respond to media queries by last night.

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