Date with destiny



September 21, 2016
Date with destiny

WISH GRANTED: Layla Zokufa Khan and Anthony Russouw, 19. CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

Queen makes pupil’s matric wish a reality.

The Matric Fairy Godmother has waved her magic wand again. But this time, it’s not for a princess, but a needy prince who’s attending his matric farewell next week.

When Anthony Rossouw, 19, contacted the Daily Voice wanting to know if Laylah Zokufa Khan would go to his matric ball with him, he did not expect her to respond.

In his SMS written in Afrikaans, the pupil said:” I want to know if Fairy Godmother helps boys as well, I’m underprivileged and my mom cleans houses to provide food. When she has extra money, she always buys her Daily Voice. My friends make fun of me because of the way I look. I would love to impress my friends, will the Fairy Mother come with me to my ball?”

Anthony lives with his single mom, Petula Rossouw, 49, and 10-year-old brother in a small house in Delft.

The family owns three chickens and three dogs. Petula is the breadwinner, and the family depend on her char jobs, and their chickens, to survive.

“The chicken lays 30 eggs and we only eat the first 15, the other 15 we leave to hatch, and then sell for R5 each,” she explains.

“I’m proud of Anthony for reaching matric as his two older siblings didn’t make it. I want him to have a matric ball but I can’t give it to him.”

Laylah saw the request in the Daily Voice and immediately jumped at the chance to spread some cheer.

“When I read the message, my heart sank,” she says.

“When I visited his home, I knew he was very deserving, I caught him studying.”

Laylah and her friends clubbed together to get Anthony an outfit, a car, and even a “tafel” for the matric farewell which is taking place next week Thursday.

An ecstatic Anthony says Laylah has made his, and his mom’s, wish come true.

“I’m going just to give my mommy happiness because I know she wants me to go to the ball.”

Laylah has even agreed to escort Anthony, but only up till the venue’s door.

Anthony who attends Simunye High School, hopes to get a bursary to study for a sport and recreation degree.

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