Dad shoots armed robber to save family



October 14, 2016
Dad shoots armed robber to save family

SHOCKING: One of five men was killed and another injured after being shot by resident, 67

Brazen burglars storm Kenwyn home forcing man to protect his family at all costs.

A dad who shot dead an armed robber inside his house says “it was me or them”.

The Cape Flats family’s living room turned into a bloodbath when the brave man gunned down the intruder and critically injured another.

The Kenwyn family came under attack on Wednesday night when five men stormed their home while the mother, 55, and daughter, 26, were parking their cars just before 10pm.

The 67-year-old man, who asked that his family not be identified, says he had to protect his loved ones when the robbers shot at them.

“I did the only thing I could do to protect my family,” the shaken dad says.

“It was either me and my family, or them. My family and I are still traumatised.”

The daughter says men ambushed them as she was directing her mother who was parking in the driveway.

She shouted at her mother to reverse out in order to escape, while she ran into the house to alert her father who was already in bed.

“I screamed as I ran inside and they followed me,” she explains.

“I slammed the door in his face but he managed to grab my neck.”

She broke free and ran and the thug took a shot at her but missed and hit a mirror .

The woman’s 21-year-old sister says her tietie saved her.

“I saw him pointing the gun at her as she pushed me back into her room,” she says.

Meanwhile, the mother says she didn’t realise what was happening until she saw her daughter run into the house.

“As I got out [of the car], one of them pointed a gun at me,” she says.

“As I looked into the barrel of the gun, I turned around, then I saw three others standing at the gate. I told them to take the car keys and just leave my family, then I threw it over the gate [which the suspects grabbed].”

The suspects did not, however, steal the family’s silver BMW.

The dad came face-to-face with the attackers inside the house and fired at them.

“The one died in the living room and the other one ran out and collapsed on the car,” the mother explains.

She says the men outside ran off and were seen driving off in a white BMW and a red Ford Figo.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut says the matter is under investigation.

“After being shot at, the owner of the house fired a shot at the suspect and fatally wounded him,” Traut says.

“The wounded suspect was arrested and is being treated in hospital.

“An inquest case docket has been registered for the death of the man.”

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