DA protest for women, children



November 25, 2016
DA protest for women, children

DEMANDS: DAWN marched to Parly

Peaceful picket for women, kids, LGBTI and the disabled.

Democratic  Alliance (DA) female members picketed outside Parliament yesterday, calling on the rights of women and children to be respected.

Nearly 400 women from the DA Women’s Network (DAWN), led by MP Denise Robinson, protested peacefully outside Parliament.

They were demanding the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DOJCD) prioritise the needs of woman, children, LGBTI and the disabled people on the eve of the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

Robinson was thrown out of Parliament last Wednesday when she brought up offences committed by MPs and referred to President Jacob Zuma as “JZ 786” , a reference to the president’s charges she believes “Zuma was not taking responsibility for.”

Robinson also had a strong message for judges and magistrates: “The courts and their staff, the systems set in place have to be updated and someone has to ensure things get done.”

She added: “Currently, men do not take responsibility for their families and women are left to run to court, where the system does not even assist them. They are left to sit and wait an entire day and still receive no help. This ends now.

Atlantis ward councillor and rights activist Barbara Rass was also part of the protest and says she is “tired of men putting their penises in everywhere and then just walking away.”

“… The days of just walking away from responsibilities are over. We want the process at the justice system improved to help our women and children. Enough is enough,” says Rass.

The party’s memorandum was received by DOJCD Director Ashika Singh.

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