D6 go back to basics

D6 go back to basics

D6 Entertainers are fresh yet original

The team has strived to restore their old vibe, style and spirit.

D6 Entertainers was started 12 years ago, by Shahied “ Hiedie Boy” Simons, Malick Laattoe, Kader Miller, Nazeem Davids and Boeta Mogamat Cassiem “Archie” Miller.

With the exception of Boeta Archie, who is no longer actively involved with the troupe, due to ill-health, the other four men are heading the troupe, joined by fellow directors, executive members, working committees, general members and supporters.

When D6 Entertainers opened, they did so with a bang! They have won four Super League Carnivals with the CTMCA and have certainly brought a unique buzz, flavour and vibe to the klopse fraternity.

Sadly, that seemed to be missing for the past two seasons.

D6 Entertainers has lost its sparkle — in practice and performance season.

When I went to visit the klopskamer last season, the atmosphere was downright tense and unpleasant.

Word on the street was that everyone had left for other troupes, and I thought it’s better that D6 just close shop.

How wrong I was! When D6 Entertainers opened their klopskamer this year, the turnout was phenomenal – but more than that, the old D6 vibe and spirit is back!

Sometimes it is a good thing to get knocked down — only to show how strong you can rise as a unit again.

Joining the D6 family this year is the Boarding Boys Singkoor. This troupe has a great track record of their own — and coupled with the great existing singpak of D6, I can honestly say that D6 Entertainers is sounding extremely good.

Shameeg Kemp, from Boarding Boys says: “Everyone was very welcoming, the guys are really enjoying themselves and we are looking forward to a really successful collaboration.”

Also on board this season is renowned combine coach, Wasfie Alexander, who joins D6 stalwart and comic coach, Taariq Blignaut, on the vocal side. Muneeb Hermans is still lead band master and is this year assisted by Julian Malherbe.

The four founding directors — Malick, Hiedie, Kader and Nazeem — have banded together to take D6 Entertainers forward and upward again.

Yet, they are adamant that this cannot take place without fellow directors like Faldene van Oudsthoorn, Fadl Ebrahiem, Jowa Lucas, Raafiq Lucas Wahieba Sadan, Yusuf Jattiem, Allan Samuels, Afzal McCullum, Tasliem Hendricks,Ghumaid Johnson, Achmat Harris, Roshin Isaacs, Nazeem Jonathan (Ammie) and Clive Volner.

From the directors, a huge shout out to the D6 ladies – especially Antie Fati Simons, Fadia Laattoe, Gaironesa Hermans, Amina Simons and Tasneem Isaacs for always being there for the troupe, especially at practices when they need to be fed!

The D6 Entertainers strategy this year is a simple one – back to basics. This simply means reviving their old vibe, spirit and style, and hopefully back to their winning ways.

The rebirth of D6 Entertainers can also be seen in the regrowth of their support base. All 700 tickets for their high tea taking place at Wittebome Civic on Saturday night have been sold, with many people still asking for more.

Malick Laattoe says: “We acknowledge our mistakes, and as a directorate we apologise to anyone we may have offended along the way.

“D6 Entertainers is too great a troupe and too vital a part of the klopse fraternity to just go and lay down and die. We are friends and family first, before we are competitors, but do not write us off after one bad spell. D6 Entertainers are back!”

While we all know that Hiedie Boy loves the trophies, I personally feel that just by getting rid of the negativity, and recapturing that spirit of friendship and family, D6 are already winners this season!

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