Cyril’s promotes fruity condoms in Parliament



September 2, 2016
Cyril’s promotes fruity condoms in Parliament

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa shows packets of new flavoured government issued condoms. CREDIT: Parliamentary Channel/YouTube

Deputy president urges MPs to use government flavoured condoms.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa urged MPs to use of government’s new free flavoured condoms as he outlining measures on preventing new HIV infections.

Ramaphosa said government’s response to the HIV/Aids strategy was being scaled up, particularly on the prevention side. He brought government’s new Max condoms along to demonstrate.

“The Max condom is in response to what a number of people were saying. They were saying the other condom that had been introduced by government did not smell so well and it made a noise whenever it was used,” the deputy president said to cheers, giggling and some calls from opposition benches to “give that to Zuma”.

“Through scientific developments we were able to develop a new condom which is called Max. The Max is for maximum pleasure, maximum protection and it does not make noise at all and it comes in different flavours. If you want a grape flavour, you can get a grape flavour. If you want an apple flavour, you can get an apple flavour.”

There were objections from opposition benches with United Democratic Movement MP Mncedisi Filtane shouting into his microphone, “point of order”.

“Who cares to listen to noise at that time,” he quipped to laughter from both sides of the House.

He did not deter Ramaphosa though, who was on a mission to market the condoms to the parliamentarians.

“Members, please help yourself, we’ve now got condoms which we expect we can all use for maximum pleasure and protection.”

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