Culprits becoming hi-tech



October 13, 2016
Culprits becoming hi-tech

LIAISON: Jessica Shelver

MEC spokesperson Jessica Shelver says bullying tactics have changed.

Bullying behaviour is when a child or group of children misuse their power to hurt other children or exclude them.

Jessica Shelver, spokesperson for Education MEC Debbie Schafer, says bullying tactics have changed.

“Bullying tactics have developed with technology, and we now also have cyber bullying,” she says.

“More recently, the internet and the increased use of mobile devices provided an arena for this type of bullying which includes name-calling and using social media platforms to send threatening messages, emails and viruses, hacking and posting one’s picture or video on the internet without permission.

“There are different types of bullying, being physical abuse and verbal or written abuse

“The third type of bullying is social abuse, such as when learners gossip about each other, exclude each other from a group or reveal personal information about a learner with the goal of humiliating them.

Clinical psychologist Ilse Pauw says it is important to note that the bully is also suffering.

“A bully is also a child in need,” she says.

“Often children act out because of problems at home.

“They could also be acting out because of depression.”

Visit the WCED’s website  to learn about their hotline for educators and learners to report abuse and school crime or call the Safe Schools Call Centre on 0800 45 46 47.

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