Crime isn’t ‘stupid’



September 23, 2016
Crime isn’t ‘stupid’

Elton Jansen

Crime fighter says councillor insulted him after complaint.

A neighbourhood watch member has called on the City of Cape Town to investigate a councillor who allegedly called him “stupid” for asking what he’s doing about crime in his ward.

The man asked Ward 43 councillor Elton Jansen about his plans to make the area safer after a dad was hijacked and murdered outside a shop in San Remo, Strandfontein, this week.

The member, who asked to remain anonymous for safety said he posed the question to Jansen during a WhatsApp conversation on Wednesday.

The Daily Voice is in possession of screen grabs of the alleged conversation.

He sent Jansen a copy of the Daily Voice story of Grant Fredericks, 39, who was shot in the back on Tuesday night outside a shop in Milano Street.

The neighbourhood watch member, who was on patrol at the time, was called to the scene and also tried to save Grant’s life by performing CPR.

Five suspects were scheduled to appear at the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Friday for the murder.

The man says he WhatsApped Jansen, asking him to beef up security in the area.

Jansen asked the man “what do you suggest I do?” to which he replied, “No, you the leader, so lead.”

Jansen: “I’m done talking to you.

Member: “Why, you are a leader, now you get angry.”

Jansen: “I am not angry; I just don’t waste my time with stupid people.”

Further on Jansen replies: “Why don’t you go to SAPS who deal with policing.”

The member says he wants the City of Cape Town to take disciplinary action against Jansen.

“He cannot go around calling people stupid and he doesn’t even live in Strandfontein but Muizenberg. He wasn’t at the scene and he needs to step up and help where he can or else he isn’t fit to be a leader.”

But Jansen claims the member swore at him and accused him of being responsible for the murder.

“The message sent to you [Daily Voice] is in total isolation from all the other communication he sent to me and Mr Albert Fritz where he swore at us and was blatantly rude,” says the councillor.

“He is accusing me as councillor for the crime and safety issues in the area.

“As much as I tried to explain to him that SAPS is responsible for policing and policing is a major issue in the Western Cape as per the recent stats which was released, and not just in Strandfontein.”

The City’s Dirk Smits says they will investigate Jansen once they’ve engaged with neighbourhood watch member.

“The alleged conversation is not the way that a councillor is expected to conduct themselves when engaging with a member of the public,” he says.

“The resident is encouraged to report this matter to my office, with the relevant evidence, so that I can investigate and take action.’’

In June 2015, Chad Baron, 26, was hijacked and assaulted. His body was found in Camp Road.

On July 3, Sedick Isaacs, 26, was strangled and his body dumped at Nine Miles beach.

In the same month, Brandon Thomas, 36, was shot in Kent Road and died on his way to hospital.

Days later, Lyle Eyden, 25, was stabbed in Pilot Way after a night out with friends.

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