Cracker casualties



November 8, 2016
Cracker casualties

CONFISCATED: 1250 boxes of illegal fireworks

32 mense treated for burns and injuries, boy loses parts of fingers.

The City of Cape Town says Guy Fawkes went off without any big bangs on Saturday.

There were 12 designated sites for mense to enjoy the celebrations and nearly 30 000 people showed up to do just that.

The City says the Table View and Maiden’s Cove sites were the busiest where 15 000 and 10 000 revellers respectively came, and because of this, these were also the two sites with the most recorded injuries.

Paramedics treated 32 mense for burns and injuries, and the most serious case occurred at Table View where a 14-year-old boy lost part of three fingers on his left hand while handling an exploding firework.

The City’s Law Enforcement Department says they received 528 complaints about the illegal sale of fireworks on Saturday.

Officials confiscated 1 250 boxes of fireworks and 10 distress flares and issued 23 fines totalling R34 500 for the illegal sale of fireworks across the Kaap.

Mayco member for Safety and Security JP Smith says: “I am satisfied that the City did everything possible to ensure the evening was well managed.”

“The injuries are very unfortunate, especially with the number being higher than the previous year. Fireworks are dangerous and need to be handled with care. Guy Fawkes continues to be a massive headache that we can frankly do without.”

He adds that the City of Cape Town has approached national government to ban the sale of fireworks, but this has not materialised.

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