Council worker bust for ‘burglary’



November 10, 2016
Council worker bust for ‘burglary’

OFFICIAL: Fortuin, 41

Housing official arrested for 'holding family hostage while they ransacked their home'.

A municipal worker has been arrested on a charge of house robbery.

Housing official Bernard Fortuin, 41, former Overstrand Municipality employee Nowell Hendricks, 36, and Jason Goliath appeared in Hermanus Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

They allegedly attacked a family with pangas and knives, demanded protection money and stole their groceries.

According to a female victim, who asked to remain anonymous, she woke up at about 1pm on Sunday, 30 October, and noticed two cars outside her yard.

“One was a silver BMW with the American flag on the bonnet and the other was a white BMW,” the 28-year-old says.

The next moment a group of men kicked down her door and started assaulting her and her 16-year-old sister. They also threw a pedestal and TV at her and her sister, and assaulted her eight-year-old son, their mother and brother in law who have since left town.

“They also broke the fridge and stole the groceries,” says the woman.

They managed to escape and called the cops.

Captain FC van Wyk confirms a house robbery is under investigation.

“The suspects aged 19, 36, and 41 respectively were arrested on Friday,” he adds.

Overstrand Municipal Manager Coenie Groenewald confirmed Fortuin works in their housing department.

“The law must run its course,” says Groenewald.

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