‘Cops jailed my boy and I didn’t know’



September 5, 2016
‘Cops jailed my boy and I didn’t know’

UPSET: Catherina Hendricks, 42, looked for her son

SAPS commander says the mother was not informed because her son lied.

A mom is upset after her minor son spent the night in police cells without cops informing her of his arrest.

But cops say he lied about his age and warned other youngsters they could land in deep trouble for lying to authorities.

Catherina “Katriena” Hendricks, 42, of Bredasdorp says the only comfort is that her 17-year-old son was locked up alone.

“I shudder to think what could have happened if he were locked up with older men,” she says.

Catherina says last week Tuesday morning, she went into her son’s room to wake him up, but found one of his friends there instead.

The boy told her her son had been nabbed for being in possession of drugs the previous day.

“I was shocked because cops never told me about it. When I went to the police station, they told me I could only see him that night after he had been charged,” says Catherina.

Catherina says she laid a complaint but cops told her it was a “mistake” made when the arresting officer did the paperwork.

But Bredasdorp SAPS commander Lieutenant Colonel Maree Louw told the Daily Voice the confusion came because the minor told cops he is 18.

“Members also went to his house but nobody was there. We only discovered his real age when his mother came to the station.

“An assessment was done and he was released into his parents’ care,” explains Louw.

She confirmed that minor was arrested for being in possession of drugs.

Louw warned youths not to lie about their age to the police.

“It could land them in dangerous situations when they are placed with other [older] criminals in cells.”

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