Cops find a perly factory on farm



November 28, 2016
Cops find a perly factory on farm

SEIZED: Over R6million in abalone

35 891 abalone units were seized at the empty residence.

Over R6 million worth of abalone has been confiscated by police on a farm.

Provincial Detectives were called to the farm in Caledon where they found 35 891 pieces of abalone last week.

Cops say the stash has an estimated street value of R6.2 million.

When police arrived at the residence, there was no one present.

They also confiscated drying equipment. Cops are hoping to make an arrest soon.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel André Traut, explains: “Western Cape led members of Provincial Detectives to a farm in Caledon early this morning where 35 891 pieces of abalone with an estimated street value of R6.5 million and abalone drying equipment were confiscated.

“At the time of the operation, no one was present on the premises, however, the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the abalone are being investigated and the possibility of arrests is not excluded.

“We will continue with our stern stance against the lucrative marine resources trade and will pursue every avenue in this regard.”

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