Cops destroy confiscated liqour



September 16, 2016
Cops destroy confiscated liqour

LAST ROUND: High ranking police officials destroyed 10 000 litres of alcohol that was confiscated from illegal shebeens and outlets

Western Cape Police Commissioner said alcohol was a major contributing factor to crime.

Thousands of litres of liquor went down the drain yesterday, as cops cleared out their storage rooms to make space for more confiscated goods for the upcoming festive season.

The wyn was confiscated at illegal outlets and during crime operations, and formed part of a massive 400 000 litres of alcohol that is currently being stored at the Squadron in Belhar.

Western Cape Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Khombinkosi Jula revealed that 360 000 litres of alcohol is confiscated by cops across the province each year, mostly from the 2 094 illegal shebeens across the Cape Flats.

Jula says it was necessary for cops to empty their coffers to make room for new confiscations, adding that the liquor was not for sale.

“About 30 000 litres of alcohol is brought to this liquor centre per month,” he says.

“We have over 1000 licensed outlets while we have 2094 illegal ones to which we want to say, we are coming for you.”

Asked why the dop couldn’t be sold and the money donated to charity, he said: “This alcohol cannot be sold because it was obtained during an illegal process.”

Jula said alcohol was a major contributing factor to crime.

“Over the years we have learnt that murder, sexual offences, abuse, and drugs are linked to usage of alcohol,” he said.

Members of the media groaned as hundreds of beers, bottles of Jack Daniels and boxes of papsak were gooied down the drain.

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