Cop in hospital for swallowing knives



August 23, 2016
Cop in hospital for swallowing knives

Forty pocket knives were removed from the man's stomach

An Indian police officer consumed 40 knives before landing up under one.

An Indian man has spent the past two months swallowing knives and they are apparently very tasty because he managed to down a whole 40 of them.

The man was hospitalised after he became sick.

Doctors this week spent five hours carefully removing the pocket knives from his stomach, some of which were open and others were already starting to roes.

Dr. Jatinder Malhotra tells CNN: “We were so nervous… a small mistake could have taken the patient’s life. In my 20 years of practice, I have never seen anything like it.”

The 42-year-old father of two is a policeman in India and says he simply likes the taste of metal.

He likened his fetish to being an alcoholic or drug addict.

“I don’t know why I used to swallow them. I just enjoyed its taste and I was addicted … how people get addicted to alcohol and other things, my situation was similar.”

Doctors have suggested that instead of knives, he tries eating spinach to get his daily dose of iron.

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