Cop: I nearly killed my boss



October 19, 2016
Cop: I nearly killed my boss

COMPLAINTS: Colonel Shaun van Wyk

Officers say chief’s abusive, corrupt.

A police officer says she quit her job because she was on the verge of “shooting and killing” her station commander who she calls “the boss from hell”.

Cases of intimidation and internal grievances have been made against Colonel Shaun van Wyk of Grassy Park Police Station by cops who claim he is “racist, abusive and corrupt”.

Yesterday, the resigned officer, 42, and two former colleagues still employed at the station said they are gatvol of Van Wyk and want him axed before there is “blood on their hands”.

One of the members, 41, who asked not to be identified, says she witnessed earlier this year how a senior cop was “ready to shoot Van Wyk”.

“This Captain drew his firearm and was going to shoot Van Wyk and himself in the station but he called the provincial office and he said if they do not do something, he is going to do it,” she says.

They accuse Van Wyk of faking statistics at his station by lodging attempted murder cases as “discharging a firearm in public”.

“He said he didn’t want to make his station’s statistics look bad,” they claim.

Last week, Daily Voice spoke to a 34-year-old police officer from Pelican Park who opened a case of crimen injuria against Van Wyk, after he allegedly called the man “a dirty Indian” over his worn-out uniform.

The 42-year-old female cop who was also the shop steward for their union, was booked off for stress since February, and resigned two weeks ago.

The mom of two says she lodged two internal grievances against Van Wyk and was treated at Crescent Clinic in Kenilworth.

The cop, who had been in the force for 20 years and never wore a uniform, claims Van Wyk forced her to wear a skirt to work.

“I told him I have no problem with wearing a uniform but when I placed the order, they said he had already ordered a skirt and pantyhose for me,” she says.

He allegedly also had problems with single moms taking time off.

“He said we are not Mother Mary and that we cannot take off time to look after our children because where is the dad who made the baby,” she says.

“While members are off sick, he personally visits their homes and if they do not open the door, he instructs other members to kick it open.”

The woman claims Van Wyk is the reason why she resigned.

“This is why police officers snap and commit suicide and wipe out their families,” she says.

“I told the psychologist that if I do not resign, I am going to kill him.”

Van Wyk did not respond to calls for comment. SAPS didn’t respond to queries by last night.

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