Cop clerk guilty of robber’s murder



October 6, 2016
Cop clerk guilty of robber’s murder
A Cape Town man was convicted of the murder of a man who allegedly robbed him.

A police clerk who killed a man who robbed him has been found guilty of murder.

Judgement against Zola Mzinyelwa, 44, was handed down in the Blue Downs Regional Court on Tuesday.

Mzinyelwa was found guilty of murdering Christopher December, 30, and acquitted of an additional assault charge.

Last year, Mzinyelwa shot and killed December whom he had identified as one of the three men who had robbed him at gunpoint.

The court heard that after the robbery Mzinyelwa had returned to his house in Belladonna complex to fetch his firearm, reports the Cape Argus.

He then asked the complex security guard to accompany him to his neighbour’s house – a drug den – where he spotted December with another man. He confronted December, asking him where his belongings were, and then shot him in the head.

In his testimony, Mzinyelwa said he had killed December in self-defence.

He said December had been armed with a knife and had attempted to grab his firearm.

However, Magistrate Ivan Munnick said the medical report did not corroborate Mzinyelwa’s version of events, but was in line with the testimony of the State witness, the security guard.

The guard testified Mzinyelwa had confronted December and fired a shot in the back of his head. He rejected the self-defence claim.

Munnick said: “If the deceased was coming towards the accused, as he so claims, the entrance of the wound would be from the front.”

Sentencing has been set for November 3.

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