‘Cop boss called me a dirty Indian’



October 14, 2016
‘Cop boss called me a dirty Indian’

Pelican Park man says hes victimised by station commander, CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Pelican Park policeman lays charges after 'racial slur'.

A Cape Flats policeman has laid a charge against his station commander for allegedly calling him a “dirty Indian”.

Police confirmed they are investigating a case of crimen injuria against Grassy Park Police Station head, Colonel Shaun van Wyk, after he allegedly insulted one of his subordinates at work.

Van Wyk is accused of calling the 34-year-old constable a “dirty Indian”, saying his uniform was morsig and that he didn’t deserve to serve the public.

The constable, who lives in Pelican Park, told cops the alleged incident, on September 22, took place during a staff meeting.

His police statement reads: “(Van Wyk) asked why the complainant’s uniform was dirty; the complainant explained to the colonel that his uniform was not dirty but old.

“He also informed the colonel that he tried to get a (new) uniform.”

It continues: “Colonel van Wyk kept making references to Indians and how Indians were supposed to be as he knows them.

“He also asked the complainant if he represents him (colonel) outside and when he said yes, the colonel then told him he must be hidden away from the public.

“He could also hear the members in the meeting laughing and that the Colonel was also laughing as he left the story quickly spread that he is a dirty Indian.”

The cop said he “felt sick to his stomach and embarrassed” and immediately went off on sick leave.

He did not want to comment on the matter yesterday.

However, his 56-year-old mother is not taking the insults lying down, and wants “that racist Van Wyk exposed”.

“He needs to treat his staff the way he wants to be treated,” the angry woman says.

The worried mom says her son has fallen into a depression.

“I feel disturbed because my son is not well, he sleeps all the time after this incident and why did Van Wyk feel the need to make reference to an Indian, that all Indians are dirty people?” she asks.

“My son said the other colleagues were laughing at him.

“He is also being racist and I warned them that this will be going to the media.”

Western Cape police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel André Traut, confirms the case: “A case of crimen injuria is being investigated relating to this incident.”

The constable’s mom showed the Daily Voice her son’s uniform, saying he has been wearing it, including his boots, for seven years.

“I wash this uniform everyday and he has a clean set for everyday,” she says.

“My son has asked countless times for a new uniform. Look at these boots, we have to use all kinds of things on it, even tyre polish, to make it shine.”

The Daily Voice approached Van Wyk for comment but he referred us to provincial police.

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