Come on, write off my Chelsea

Come on, write off my Chelsea

CHEEKY: Mourinho told Conte to shut it

Mourinho feeling humiliated.

I’m loving the way this season is going so far you with me on it?

You know, before the opening games, Manchester United fans were walking around with their man-boobs in the air proclaiming glory as Jose Mourinho broke the bank.

Then bookies slashed Man City’s odds after a couple of cracking games to kick off their campaign.

And of course, north London’s finest, Arsenal, or is it Tottenham?

Well, both of them. anyway, were filled with spirit
following their usual “nearly but not quite” seasons last year.

Even the Everton faithful, subsequent to the
appointment of arguably the Premiership’s top manager, plus a big-cash investor, had them dreaming.

But it’s amazing what a week or two, or fixture or two can do!

Punctured hearts, deflated egos and soft winkies as all just ain’t what it might seems. I’ve left out Chelsea from the top set, as the Blues were written off from doing anything this year before the first ball was even kicked.

Saturday’s pathetic showing by “championship
contenders” Arsenal and Spurs were testament to how real this league is and for those of you who haven’t been in the game for a few decades, how expectation is a very dangerous road to go along if you want to avoid

After Tottenham’s most heroic season since the Middle Ages, barring the flop, at least they made top-flight European football.

But lo and behold, Pochettino blamed their limp 0-0 result away at Bournmouth on “fatigue” because of Champions League commitments.

Fatigue? Hold on a minute, the season’s only just begun!

It’s difficult to pinpoint the real reason why, a few weeks ago, they put in a performance against City that was Outstanding, then get more than matched on the South Coast at Dean Park?

The same can be said for the Gooners. I mean, who the hell are Boro in the bigger scheme of things?

That should have been another Arsenal training session with four or five hitting the net after 30 pass moves.

As it turned out, Petr Cech had a blinder, saving another series of “Wenger out” protests by moaning Arsenal fans on social media.

All being said, the biggest shock this weekend had to be the dismantling of Jose
Mourinho and his leaderless troops on the pitch.

My god, who would have believed the same Chelsea side who capitulated at the Emirates and got turned over at the Bridge by Liverpool could put on such a dominant, controlled

As Pedro slotted home his record-time opener, all I could think about was Nigel Pierce, his words in the Daily Voice on Friday and what a crying little loser he is with no genuine love or knowledge of the game.

Of course the thrill of that amplified over and over again as the Blues made United look like a Sunday League team.

Zlatan – as always – worthless on the pitch as a player or “leader” and big Paul Pogba, struggling to get out of N’Golo Kante’s tiny pocket.

By the way, what a great goal for the cute kid, who is looking more and more like the
legendary Claude Makelele as he settles in a Chelsea shirt!

And what about Jose
complaining about Antonio Conte celebrating at 4-0?

He called it humiliating, what a cheek, I seem to remember someone humiliated on the same touchline, Chelsea doctor Eva Carniero, remember, the rant that led to his downfall. Take it on the chin and get your sorry ass back to Manchester.

It’s not even November yet, six points separate the top seven, no conclusions can begin to be made. Dare you all to write Chelsea off again.

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