Cliff’s blasted online

Cliff’s blasted online

GUILTY: Gareth Cliff

Twitter holds no punches as they slammed the DJ for 'admitting to ruining someone's career'.

There was no love for Gareth Cliff on social media after he admitted he was the one who spiked former Idols judge Mara Louw’s drink in 2010.

Mara appeared drunk on the show and the incident led to her being fired.

She admitted since then that it damaged her career.

In his tell-all book due to be released this week, Cliff revealed he was the one who poured vodka into the glass that Mara drank from.

But people on Twitter was not impressed by the “prank”.

@naledimashishi tweeted: “Imagine casually admitting to ruining someone’s career so you can sell books. Gareth Cliff is disgusting.”

And @TboozeSA tweeted: “Mara: “Gareth Cliff spiked my drink” Ppl “she’s an alcoholic anyway” Rape victim: “he raped me” Ppl “she was a Hoe anyway” Men are Trash.”

Unfazed by the social media drama, Cliff appeared to be having a lekker tyd on Sunday night at the Idols SA Season 12 finale which was also his last appearance on the judging panel.

Cliff admitted to the spiking incident in an interview with the Sunday Times.

But the Cliff Central shock jock says it’s wasn’t that cut and dried.

“Sensational and misleading headline @SundayTimesZA Read the book #Cliffhanger for the actual story,” he tweeted on Sunday which fuelled speculation he was trying to publicise his book.

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